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Women Wellness First

Welcome to Super Womanhood

At Women Wellness First, we firmly believe that a woman’s body is very different from that of a Man. Our menstrual cycle can affect our vitality, mood, energy levels in a big way.The reproductive hormones and physiology of our bodies can significantly impact our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Understanding our hormones and tweaking our lifestyle, diet and exercise can massively affect the results we expect from our weight loss programs, our exercise routines and diet plans.

Come dive into the world of holistic plans made by women for women.

Meet Pooja (Ajwani) Jaiswal

Pooja is an integrative nutritionist who works with women who have hormonal issues. She is a graduate from University of Oxford. She started her career in Banking and worked in the UK for 10 years until she hit a roadblock with her health and infertility issues. Having dealt with the hormonal issues up close and finally curing it, she got fascinated by the innate intelligence and capacity of our body to heal itself.

She decided to dedicate the rest of her life in understanding how healing really works and how we as women need a different approach to healing than men.

She went on to do a three year course in nutrition from the reputed College of Naturopathic Medicine, UK and got certified in Yoga. She now works full time as an Integrative Nutritionist. Under her venture Women Wellness First, she has worked with hundreds of women who have hormonal issues like PCOS, perimenopause, infertility, Thyroid, Insulin resistance etc

My Courses

PCOS Masterclass

An intense session to help tackle PCOS the correct way..

The masterclass will cover:

  • What Is PCOS
  • Types of PCOS
  • Symptoms and root cause of PCOS
  • Herbs and Supplements for PCOS
  • Alternative therapies for PCOS
  • How to exercise correctly for PCOS
  • How to naturally regulate hair thinning, acne, irregular periods, weigh gain.
  • How to address fertility with PCOS
Price: Rs. 1500

Masterclass on Women Health

This course is for women who want to balance their hormones and slow the aging process

The masterclass will cover:

  • Basic understanding of how our monthly hormones work
  • How to beat the PMS and mood swings
  • How to exercise correctly
  • How to fast correctly
  • How to be productive and have good energy levels throughout the month
Price: Rs. 1500

Fertility Masterclass

An intense master class on how to improve fertility and conceive naturally

The master class will cover

  • How to track ovulation
  • How to know when you are our fertile
  • Foods to improve fertilty
  • Herbs and supplements to improve fertility
  • To combat stress for conception
  • Yoga and pranayama for improving fertility
  • What to do when you have irregular periods
  • Frequently asked questions
Price: Rs. 1500

Hair & Skin Masterclass​

An intense session to help you unleash a radiant & glowing YOU

The masterclass will cover:

  • The root cause of poor hair health and skin health
  • Understanding your skin type
  • Skincare as per body constitution Hair Care as per body type
  • Natural ways to boost hair and skin health
  • DIY Masks and Oiling formulas will be shared
  • Supplements for Hair Care and Skin Care
  • Tips on the best hair and skincare
Price: Rs. 1500

Thyroid Masterclass

An intense session to bust your myths and helping you unleash a healthy & enjoyable life

The masterclass will cover:

  • Symptoms and factors affecting the thyroid
  • Blood tests and how to read them
  • Herbs and Supplements to help thyroid
  • Foods to eat
  • The right exercise for thyroid
  • Alternative therapies
  • Yoga and Pranayam for thyroid
  • Q & A
Price: Rs. 1500

Understand PCOS / D

In-depth 18-video series that helps you understand your body and heal it the natural way

The course will cover:

  • What is PCOS / D
  • Blood tests to confirm PCOS / D
  • Factors affecting PCOS / D
  • Herbs and Supplements for PCOS / D
  • Foods to eat
  • The right exercises for PCOS / D
  • 12- week program to cure PCOS / D